2011 – Race # 11 – Hard Luck

Derek Eldridge

This weekend (Sunday 09-11) was hard all around. Though I can’t complain too much, allot of guys went home with wrecked cars. Track conditions could have been a factor, though I wouldn’t put all the blame there. We are defiantly thankful to have a place to race this weekend. Without these guys, the speedway in Rumney would have been barren all season. So for that, I do say thank you!

The surface of the track was very rough this weekend. Though, it was probably the best it could be without haling in thousands of dollars of clay. Most of the clay that the track was built with last year, had washed away leaving a very rough, sandy surface to work with. It’s not easy to groom that type of surface.

In the heat, both Drew and I underwent mechanical issues. First Drew, coming out of turn two, lost the ability to steer his car and headed into the wall ending his night early. He destroyed his front axle, shocks, steering box, and all the radius rods holding everything together. It will be a merical if he’s able to get it back together for next weeks final race in Bradford, VT. For me, a few laps after Drew’s incident, I snapped a chain sending me to the pits.

During the feature, it didn’t get any better. I made some changes to try to eliminate the chain issues for the feature but it wasn’t enough. Only a few laps in, I lost my second chain for the day and made my way to the infield where I watched the rest of the race.

Next weeks race will be on Saturday at Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT. Hopfully Drew and I can find enough time during a busy week to figure out our issues and get back out there to put on one last good show for this season. I hope to see some of you there!

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