2011 – Race # 10 – Rumney NH – NEMS

Derek Eldridge

There was a mis-comunication on my part in regards to the start time of Sunday’s Race on 09-04. For some reason, I was under the impression that racing would start at 4:00pm. When I arrived, I still needed to install a new sprocket on my car. When I was loading the car on the trailer that morning, I realized that I didn’t just blow a water line the week before. I also completely rounded out my rear sprocket. The sprocket only had 3 races on it, and I had turned it around each race. I did notice that it was experiencing a bit more than usual wear, but I underestimated the severity of the wear.  When I thought that the motor had sucked in water last race, it was actually the chain skipping teeth on the sprocket.

I hassled to change the spocket as the 600’s were lining up for the heat. I had already missed the practice laps, and Drew, still hadn’t arrived yet. By the time he did arrive, I was climbing into my car for the heat he would end up missing.

With my late arrival, I started at the back of the pack. Seven cars started the heat. During the heat, I gained 2 spots to finish 5th.

The feature was a bit more exciting. I started 3rd beside Lowbed Johnson #12, and behind GSMSRC driver Jake Williams #73 and Christine Boesch #23. Drew, missing the heat, started last. The green dropped and cars would jockey for position. By the back stretch I was chasing Williams for the lead, with everyone else on top of me. Into turn 3 and Williams suddenly slowed more than expected. With everyone on top of us, I tried to maneuvers up beside Williams. As the 73 came down the track I caught his left rear with my front tire and took a pretty good hop. Quickly back in action, we exited the turn everyone still on track and running full speed. In the hussle, the #12 managed to make the pass on the inside to take the lead. The following lap, I made the pass to take position away from Williams on the inside and secure 2nd.

After a caution for Rich Crooker #21 who wedged a rock in his chain, and Williams exiting with fuel pump issues the restart found Terry Reil #11 on my inside looking for 2nd. On the dry slick track we had to work with, Reil found himself sliding up the track during the pass. We pressed wheel to wheel as we exited turn 2, and I helped hold the two of us on the track.

Now running 3rd to Reil and Johnson, Drew found his way up behind me. Turn one had a hole in the track so large, that I hit it once, bottomed the car out, sent a shock wave through my back, and I knew not to run that low in turn one again. Drew on the other hand, apparently hadent found the hole yet. While I was now running higher than usual, Drew saw an opertunity to make the pass. unfortunately, he found the hole in the process. His car hopped, slid up the track in front of me, and colided side to side with Boesch who was lap traffic at the time. Both cars spun in front of me. In the process, I was able to manouvor under both of them to come out maintaining 3rd.

On the restart, I held 3rd as Johnson and Reil pulled ahead. For the remainder of the race I worked to hold off Rookie Spencer Allen #22 for the third place spot. Meanwhile, my brand new rear sprocket was taking a beating. I could hear the chain snapping off the top of the sprocket as the teeth were rolling over. With two laps to go, I slid a little too high in turn 4 and it opened the door for Allen to make his move. And that he did. Allen was able to get it to stick to the low side, pushing me back to 4th for the last two laps. Drew, finished right behind me in 5th.

What an exciting race with allot of close action. After the race, I inspected my rear sprocket and found that within that single race I destroyed another sprocket. Something was defiantly wrong, and it will take some investigation to find what. For next week, I’ll change out the chain and replace the sprocket once again.

Our next race will be September 11th at the Legion Speedway in Rumney NH. See you then.


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