Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with mini sprint racing with Eldridge Racing or Northeast Mini Sprints directly.
Ways to get involved:
– Sign up for blog updates, follow us on Twitter, or Facebook and show your support
– Attend races as a spectator – Join a pit crew and help in the pits
– Sponsor a car by making a contribution
– Purchase a car and become a competitor

Sign up for blog updates, follow us on Twitter, or Facebook and show your support.

By signing up for blog updates, following us on Twitter, or becoming a fan on Facebook you show that you have an interest in Eldridge Racing and the behind the scenes look at what goes into the preparation and effort behind every race. Blogs are sent out once a week only after a competition event. They may include preparation, in car perspective, and brief overviews of the experience. They may also include a short update on new sponsors and promotions at

Attend races as a spectator

The most important part about competing in a sport is the spectators. Our #1 goal week to week is always to put on a good show for our fans. In order to keep tracks running at optimal performance, it takes fans to fill the seats and keep the lights on for us to compete. Tracks spend a lot of time and money in preparation to operate and provide a nicely prepared clay surface for us to compete on. Races are held on alternating Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights various start times. Ticket prices vary from track to track and are typically around $10 for adults and less for children, teens and seniors. The Eldridge Racing schedule with the Northeast Mini Sprints can be found on the Schedule page. The respective tracks, links and their directions can be found on the Northeast Mini Sprints website. ( Please visit the track websites for updated track admission, start times, and rain cancellations. Northeast Mini Sprints also publish rain outs using “RainedOut”, a texting and emailing notification system. You can sign up for this free service at .

Join a pit crew and help in the pits

Most pit crews will welcome an extra hand in the pits. I know the two of us from Eldridge Racing can use all the help we can get as we are usually short handed. You don’t have to be a motor head or suspension specialist to help. There are many things to be done including setting up tents, and pit areas; unloading and loading the cars on the trailers; checking tire pressures, refueling the car, making setup changes after the heat…ect… Joining a pit crew can be a great way to get involved and start learning more about mini sprints.

Sponsor a car by making a contribution

You don’t have to break the bank to become a sponsor for an Eldridge Racing mini sprint. There are many levels of sponsorship to fit every budget. Benefits of sponsoring a mini sprint from Eldridge Racing can include product or company exposure, direct sales from our website, and enjoyment to be involved. Different levels of sponsorship are available between the two Eldridge Racing cars and are handled on an individual basis. Levels of sponsorship can include purchasing needed components like, race fuel, hauler fuel, tires, safety equipment, engine components, etc. Other opportunities include adding products to our online store. We also welcome your ideas and feedback and will consider all offers.

Purchase a car and become a competitor

Ever want to become a car owner, or even a driver but felt it was too expensive to race. In 2011 the Northeast Mini Sprints will be starting a division of mini sprints to fit the short budget and get people involved in racing an open wheel 600 mini sprint. The division will be called the “Sportsmen” class.

The Sportsmen will utalize a 600cc mini sprint frame running an F3 Honda powered stock 600cc motor. I’ll emphasis the word “stock”. These motors can be found for less than $600 on craigs list and Ebay. Competitive used 600cc mini sprints rollers (complete car without engine) can be purchased for around $2000 and up. Purchases usually include extra components such as tires, wheels, gears, and other accessories.

The cost to run a 600cc Sportsman mini sprint is also reduced considering they can run the same springs, bars and shocks at all the tracks and you typically don’t need a lot of spares. Tires being the most expensive part of most race cars can last a complete season or even more running on clay vs asphalt. Because the Sportsman will be running a Stock 600F3, they will also run on pump gas reducing the fuel cost unlike others that require race fuel. offers a great starting point to ask around and find a used mini sprint. If you contact someone at they can also help put you in touch with someone selling their used 600cc mini sprint.